About me

Portrait of Linnea, smiling girl with reddish-blond, blue eyes and freckles, with flowers in background.
Photo: Lyonel Perabo

Who am I?

You can read more about my background on my personal website.

Or, download a copy of my CV.

Keep it simple

I am a science writer (BSc Biology, MSc Science Communication) with a passion for breaking down complex information into manageable, and understandable, pieces. I have a background in writing for daily newspapers, websites, and specialist journals.

A picture not a thousand words

I have a visual outlook and try to express complex information with graphics whenever possible. I love working with logos and graphic design and my style is clean and fresh.

I have a keen eye for photography and have been documenting political events, festivals, and concerts since 2011.

Sustainable web design

I am also an environmentalist at heart and try to use free and Open Source software whenever possible. I was an organizer of WordCamp Nordic 2019 and am one of the founders of the Tromsø WordPress Meetup group.

I like helping NGOs and small start-up businesses succeed by making sure that their digital communication platforms are sustainable and easy to update.